New Times This Week – and Time Off

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Starting tonight, we’re going to be starting our show one hour earlier than the posted times for the next week. Our new starting times this week will be 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific – except for Wednesday, August 24th, the night of the Republican Primary Debate. That night we’re going live as soon as the debate is done. And we mean “as soon as”… That debate is scheduled to finish at 11 PM Eastern – but it’s live, so that doesn’t mean much. Just climb aboard as soon as it’s done. Jim will be taking your questions and comments via VIDEO calls; go to to call in.

The following week we’re planning on doing a show on Monday, August 28th, and then taking the rest of the week off and coming back the day after U.S. Labor Day, Tuesday, September 5th. Thanks for watching!

Jim Peters

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