Youtube Flagged Us for Misinformation

Only about three hours after we finished our live broadcast including the interview with climatologist DR. PATRICK MOORE, Youtube, in their infinite wisdom, flagged our broadcast for “misinformation”. They included a “context warning” on the show’s page on Youtube and also on the video itself (which means the warning even showed up in the episode archive page of this website).

That warning linked to a page on the United Nations website explaining what climate change is – and how it will kill us all if we don’t give the U.N. 75 TRILLION DOLLARS! (puts pinky to mouth like Dr. Evil) Here’s that page.

Curiously though, when we went to access the Youtube page on Tuesday night to make this post, the “context warning” is now gone – and it’s removed from our own archives, too. You don’t think Google came to their senses, do you? (Answer: Um… no.)

If you haven’t seen Jim’s interview with Dr. Moore yet, we strongly recommend you watch it. If you’re a “climate-change believer”, this might actually change your mind. Dr. Moore is one of the thousands of legitimate scientists who think “climate change” is BS. And we are more than happy to spread the word.

Jim Peters

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