Tonight: Our 100th SHOW!

Tonight – Monday, March 25th – we are doing the 100th installment of “Jim Peters At Night”. We even sent our a press release to mark the occasion. Our featured guest tonight is economist extraordinaire DR. MURRAY SABRIN; he was the very first guest on our first show on July 31st, and was a regular guest on Jim’s podcasts and radio shows on CONK! News for years. Tonight we’re also playing the news Gunhill Road music video for their song, “Damn Scammers (Get Off My Phone)”; bandmate and Talkers Magazine publisher MICHAEL HARRISON was going to join us, but he just had surgery. Our best wishes go out to him for a speedy recovery.

Tonight especially, we’d like to encourage you to call in. You can do that either with your webcam – go to and click the big blue button at the top – or with your phone by dialing 563-999-3435. Maybe you’ve noticed but: Jim doesn’t bite….



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