About The Show

JIM PETERS AT NIGHT” (stylized as “Jim Peters@Night“; abbreviated as “JPAN“) is an internet video talk show hosted by popular podcaster Jim Peters. It is the continuation of the hosting work he did while editor-in-chief of CONK! News, where he hosted almost 400 radio shows and podcasts, including his own personal weekly podcast, “In The Dark With Jim Peters” – the format of which was the basis for the current show. “JPAN” reflects a very unique mix of Jim’s interests, the primary subject matters being conservative politics, the media, science and the paranormal – particularly UFOs.

As a talk-radio host, Jim has been telling listeners for thirty years that the UFOs are absolutely real – to the point where he was regularly called crazy and dismissed as a kook… until the U.S. military acknowledged in December 2017 that this was in fact true. “I have associates who were so shocked I was right that they won’t talk to me anymore,” he says. Jim is also fascinated by the confluence of contemporary politics with the “UFO question”; he says it wasn’t a “belief” he had – it was because of the hundreds of government documents retrieved through the Freedom of Information Act that referenced UFOs. “And if you’re wondering, why didn’t the press report on this earlier? – well, that’s the sixty-thousand-dollar question. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d think they were paid not to. And of course, I am one!”

Hence the billboard on the show intro announcing “King of Conspiracies”. “The problem with being a conspiracy theorist at this point in history,” he says, “is that the majority of the conspiracy theories are now being proven true.” Jim also is an ardent “climate change denier” – “because I followed the science – and the science says it’s BS.” In the first three months of the show, Jim had on Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace and arguably the most prominent climatologist campaigning against humanity’s effects on climate change; that episode is still the most watched installment in the series thusfar, garnering several thousand views.

Jim’s forte as a broadcaster are his interviewing skills, and in that vein he is up to talking to anybody, about pretty much anything. He’s managed to snare many “big-name” guests from the worlds of politics, journalism, science and the occult, among other subjects. “We’re definitely batting way above our pay grade in that regard. I think word has gotten out that our show is a fair environment and a good conversation,” he says. “I am obsessively curious, to the point that it’s a sickness.” One of the very first callers into the show said that he liked it because “it’s just like guys talking at the coffee shop” – to which Jim replied, “That is exactly, precisely the point.”

The program is broadcast live via both video and audio-only on six popular online platforms, at 11 PM Eastern, Monday through Thursday. The show is typically in three parts: a monologue, usually on current news; a guest interview, on almost any subject; and “Part Three”, where Jim talks about scientific, paranormal or just plain “weird” stuff, and takes viewer calls. Talkers Magazine, the bible of the talk media business in the United States, says that “JPAN” is the first talk show in America to take live video calls from the the public; video callers simply go to a page on the show’s website ( jimatnight.com/call ) and click a button to connect with their webcam. Audio phone calls are also taken live by calling 563-999-3435. The live show is subsequently available on-demand on all platforms. In its first six months, Jim and the show garnered over 2,000 followers on Rumble.

Highlight Reel

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