Contact Us

There are several ways you can partake in the show and get a hold of us:

Calling in – via Video

Above all else, we’d really love for you to call in via video while the show is live. Here’s how you do that.

Text Messages and Voicemail

You can both text us or leave us a voicemail at the following phone number:


As of Tuesday, January 2nd, Jim now checks the text messages in real time while on the air. (Note that this does NOT apply to the individual chat streams on our platform providers; this applies ONLY to the text messages to this phone number. For this reason, we recommend that you text your messages in; see below –) As for for the voicemail: you have 30 seconds to speak your mind. We might play your audio on a future show.

Show Chat

Most of the platforms we broadcast our show on allow you, the viewers, to chat with each other while the show is live. One thing you have to remember about this: the chat is network-specific – i.e., people on the other networks can’t see what you’re saying. Also, unlike on a lot of other shows, Jim does not read the chats while he’s on the air (but he DOES check the text messages from our proprietary phone number; see above. For this reason, we recommend that you text your messages in).


Finally, you can always send us an email at any time, at:

atnight [at] jimpeters [dot] net

Jim does not check these on the air, either. But we always eventually read all of them.